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Sunday, March 4, 2018

Why did I write about Esau?

Welcome to my blog. For my first post, I wanted to answer the question I’m asked all the time: Why did I decide to write a book about Esau? I’ve been drawn to the Biblical conflict between Jacob and Esau, between material and spiritual, for a long time, because it is so similar to the struggles in our own lives.

Also, I’ve been trying to understand how was it possible for the twins, for whom both “the nature” and “the nurture” were identical – same genes, same upbringing – to turn out so different?

Both Jacob and Esau were born with enormous spiritual powers, but the brothers could not be farther apart. Jacob was drawn to quiet study, while Esau was a fun-loving and brash thrill-seeker. Jacob used his gifts to spread holiness, while Esau pursued martial glory and sensual pleasures. And yet clever and mighty Esau could not prevail over his brother in their lifelong struggle.

How was it possible? The book leads to the answers – step by winding step.