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More about me and Esau

I was born in Russia, which I fled 40 years ago with a profession of structural engineer. An engineer who likes to write is an uncommon creature, but here I am. I was planning my first book at the age of seven. It was supposed to be a chess how-to manual, but I did not get beyond the first sentence: “Let’s start with pawns.” It took me decades to start writing again – in English this time.

Being an accomplished engineer, I’ve written three nonfiction books published by McGraw-Hill, and they have become very popular (you can see them on the next page). One of the books is in the third edition and translated into Chinese.

Among the reasons those books are popular is that they are written in a simple lively language – a far cry from the usual dry jargon-filled engineering treatises. I’ve even managed to squeeze in a few jokes into them. The readers were advising me to write fiction, and eventually I decided to do so.

I set out to write something meaningful and interesting, and to me epic biblical stories, particularly the story of Jacob and Esau, were meaningful. The result is Esau: The Bible’s Mightiest Villain, published on January 11, 2018 by Joshua Tree Publishing. In addition to extensive research into the daily life in the ancient times, I have visited Israel to gather precious details that make all the difference in a novel. Enjoy this fast-paced book, full of adventure, battles, love and betrayal – all the way to the shocking conclusion.

Esau The Bible's Mightiest Villain by Alexander Newman
In Biblical times, a notorious rebel sets out to become the world’s mightiest warrior,
but his saintly twin brother stands in his way.

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What People Are Saying about the Book

Great characterization of Esau and very good writing.
          Donna E. Pudick, author, educator.

Mr. Newman is a capable wordsmith.
          Ellen Traylor, best-selling author of biblical fiction.

Mr. Newman is a serious student of the Bible and the commentaries. An entertaining historical novel about an enigmatic Biblical character.
          Rabbi Mendel Krinsky.

Once I was finally able to begin the book, it was hard to put it down. Although I have a hard time understanding the mindset of a person such as Esau, it seems that the author was able to get into his mind. Although I am not a student of bible, I found the story easy to follow.
And it has the makings of a really good movie, or an even better miniseries.
Well worth the read!
          Edward P. Ryan.